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Liberty Theater is a historic movie theater located in Murphysboro, Illinois. Built in 1913 as the Tilford Theatre, it was one of five movie theaters in Murphysboro. The theater’s name was changed in 1918 during a wave of patriotism inspired by World War I. In 1938, the theater was remodeled in Art Deco style. During the remodel, the theater’s neon marquee was installed and the building’s exterior walls were faced with black vitrolite. The theater continued to show films until 1998 and was the last of the original five theaters to close. After a renovation in 2002, the theater was reopened by a not-for-profit group.

The theater was added to the National Register of Historic Places on June 13, 2012. Generous donors, sponsors, and grant foundations have made it possible to preserve and restore the theater to its original splendor.

The theater is run by a Board of Directors.  The board focuses on hosting affordable community events for all ages.  Everyone involved in the theater is a volunteer. The theater currently has a board of five members who staff most of the events. The board reaches out to local volunteer organizations, for larger events (and we also welcome individual volunteers as well!).

Our Board of Directors

The Liberty Theater Board of Directors work tirelessly to plan and execute a number of events to benefit and entertain the community. The board makes use of a variety of businesses and groups to keep the theater clean, staff events, and plan fundraisers for the theater.

Mary LaReau
President of the Board Mary LaReau

Some of my fondest childhood memories were at the Liberty. I loved being able to walk to our local theater and enjoy classic movies with my family. Although we cannot show first run movies, I am proud to be able to host monthly events and share my passion for this historic landmark with our community.

Anna Clover
Treasurer of the Board Anna Clover

Growing up in Murphysboro, my family and I went to the Liberty to watch every movie that looked remotely entertaining.  Buying tickets or popcorn from Henry and watching him walk up and down the aisles to keep rowdy kids in check or adjust the thermostat will be a forever memory.  I am honored to be a part of the Liberty and hope our board can give the community opportunities to make memories at the theater for years to come.

Linda Porter
Secretary of the Board Linda Porter

Lifelong Murphysboro resident. Worked at the Liberty Theater in high school (1976-77) under the management of Uncle Henry Daniel. Now retired from SIU and volunteering at the Liberty. So proud of my hometown for keeping this establishment up and running. “There’s no place like home”.

Mike Ryan
Member of the Board Mike Ryan

I have lived exactly 1000 Fitbit steps from the Liberty Theater since moving to Murphysboro in 2014, and enjoyed many fine events here. I began volunteering in 2017 and joined the board in 2018.

Member of the Board Gene Basden

Murphysboro Chamber of Commerce liaison.


Gene Basden
Handsome Man

Marquee changer extraordinaire. Avid dictionary reader. Lover of the written word.