Hitchcock double feature October 4

The Liberty Theater presents the third of our early Hitchcock series this Friday October 4 at 7pm, featuring Secret Agent and Sabotage. These underappreciated 1936 films were part of “an unbroken series of masterworks from The 39 Steps through The Lady Vanishes, five altogether superior achievements in less than three years” (Donald Spoto, The Art of Alfred Hitchcock) – you may not have heard of them (or at least, you probably don’t know them as well as those other masterworks mentioned above), but they are well worth the viewing.

We’ll kick off at 7pm with Secret Agent, starring John Gielgud (doing this as his day job while starring on stage in Romeo and Juliet at night) and Madeleine Carroll (fresh off The 39 Steps) as spies teaming up with the slimy-as-ever Peter Lorre to track down a spy. Robert Young (yes, that Robert Young) costars.

Following at approximately 8:30pm, Sabotage involves still more mysterious agents of foreign powers, this time not settling for stealing secrets. This is one of Hitchcock’s darkest films, and he himself felt he went too far in one respect (no spoilers here!), but features one the most suspenseful sequences in any of his (meaning in any of anyone’s!) films.

Don’t let “double feature” scare you! Secret Agent is under 90 minutes, and Sabotage clocks in at a brisk 1 hour and 16 minutes, you’ll be home in plenty of time to catch the Fallon/Colbert/Kimmel monologues.

Admission is free, but a donation to the theater would be much appreciated.