Hitchcock double feature Friday night

This Friday August 16, in the second of four Alfred Hitchcock double features the Liberty Theater is presenting this year, we move forward to the mid-1930’s with two of the best of his British films, the original version of The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934) and The 39 Steps (1935). Doors open at 6:30 – The Man Who Knew Too Much screens at 7:00, with The 39 Steps starting about 8:30.

manwhoknewtoomuchThe Man Who Knew Too Much (remade by Hitchcock in 1956 with James Stewart and Doris Day) is as tight a film as he ever made, packing a lot into its 1:15 length. Although the plot is one of the more serious of the time, his trademark humor does pop in from time to time. This film is also notable as the English-language debut of Peter Lorre.

39_stepsThe next year, The 39 Steps revealed Hitchcock in full bloom, with Robert Donat (anticipating later Hitch’s later heroes such as Cary Grant and James Stewart) as a man on the run from mysterious forces, bantering away with Madeleine Carroll and everyone else he runs across. This film is just plain fun, and put Hitchcock fully in the ranks of the best directors of his time.

We hope you’ll come and enjoy the films, along with short introductions to help set the context and point out a few things to look for. Admission is free, but we welcome your donations. And of course, we have popcorn, soda, and candy for sale in the lobby.