Shawnee Shorts kicks off June at the Liberty

The Liberty Theater is again proud to host the 3rd Annual Shawnee Shorts Midwest Film Festival. The event runs Saturday June 1 from 3pm to 8pm – admission is free and you may come and go as you please (but you’ll want to be around at the end to cast your votes!).

The fest features short films produced throughout the midwest by some our region’s most talented filmmakers. Narrative, documentary, music videos and experimental films will all be featured. This writer (and Liberty board member) saw several of last year’s films – if you see a small-scale festival like this and imagine the low-budget indie films of yore, think again. Everything I saw last year was professionally produced and well-acted – you won’t be knocking off points for lack of (camera) focus, visible boom mikes, or embarrassing scenery-chewing. Whatever your tastes in film, I guarantee there will be at least some of these shorts you enjoy.

Be sure to read the excellent article in The Southern Illinoisan for more details.

Note that while admission is free, donations to the Liberty Theater are gladly accepted. Concessions are available for purchase – $1 for popcorn and most beverages, $1.50 for candy.